TeknoSOR offers customers exclusive smart phone repair and tech support services from a single point

TeknoSOR Müşterilerine Ayrıcalıklı Akıllı Telefon Tamir ve Teknoloji Destek Hizmetlerini Tek Noktadan Sunuyor


Personal support services to pioneer technologies that TeknoSOR privileged individuals and corporate customers and maintain favorable conditions smartphone in Turkey, repair, technology offers repair and support services from a single point.

Out of warranty technical support, repair and maintenance services in demand with innovative and contemporary service concept that is teknosa, the detection device failure, repair after repair and support services to customers in all processes from making seamless communication and information transfer %100 provide customer satisfaction.

callfix and applying teknodestek pack with attractive discount rates to their original spare parts and labor charges, offers customers economical solutions.

thanks to the services offered teknosor not about consumers only fault repair repair, using smart phones they live for all software problems 365 7 days×16 can receive support.

  1. Kutay
    19 September 2016 Reply

    S7 edge device my vodafone dealer has told me sorgulayabikecegi the status of these sites over but the apparatus do not find the IMEI code could write a query screen if b with an issue services you have available, please link to the e-mail address on END_LANDMARK saygilarimla good calismalar,tr