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The productivity of SMEs and individuals using information and communication technologies to support right and we aim to increase the efficiency.
Fatih Bora Barber - General Manager
Teknoser Technology Services Trade. Ltd. Ltd..


Can You Give us a little about TeknoSOR?

Teknoser Technology Services Trade. Ltd. Ltd., SMEs and individuals Technology Consulting, Support and Training Services, which is a high-tech company. New and innovative business model, using telephones and remote connection technologies; The productivity of SMEs and individuals using information and communication technologies to support right and we aim to increase the efficiency.


20 over the years, Information and Communication Technology Consulting TeknoSOR our professional management team with experience; SME and consumer segment quality and reasonable cost, in all fields of technology (Computer, Car, Internet and Multimedia) and consulting, We offer both support services.

Located in Istanbul Kozyatagi Technology Support Call Center Our technical vocational high school graduates and working professionals from experienced staff. Reliable and scalable cloud computing architecture running on stations, CRM, IVR and information portal systems in our Technology Support Call Center; a single point of technical support to our customers' demand, Cost-effective, We provide quality and uninterrupted answers.

What are the benefits you offer to SMEs and Individuals?

· Provide technical problem resolution time and money.

· Technical staff to resolve the open, To access the experienced and qualified human resources.

· To benefit from the technology used in their daily work more efficient.

· Holiday, permission, to ensure continuity of service, such as shortages of cases.

· Using the Help Desk outsourcing services to reduce cost per call.

· Quality and 7/24 welcome calls and reply, rapid and definitive solution from a single point.

· Experience with thousands of calls made, information, To benefit from tips and advice.

You support the technology problem to which Method?

We provide technical support by phone or by using remote access technologies. Our customer technology problems when they live in us by calling our hotline 365 morning 8 gece 24 They arrive in.

3 We have received over 500,000 calls for technical support and advice during the year. About % 40 We made a remote connection rate (computer and mobile). Call our % 75"We provide solutions in the, surviving % 25'S in our analysis, we also directs customers with the right solution.

Can you talk about what you think your project is Important?

2011 October, Turk Telekom's subsidiary companies and joint AssisTT 11820 By establishing a Technology Support Line, We took our first large project signed.

Which is our second largest project, Care Pack service also TEKNOSA Technology 2013 We started offering in April.

Increasing demand for technical support in business technology with each passing day and the widespread use needs within anticipating TeknoSOR Technology Support Call Center ni 2013 We opened the first quarter as services.

Every day, expanding the scope of services, ZTE and HUAWEI brand modems remote installation in Turkey, troubleshooting and user support services have also begun to.