technological consultancy services to SMEs Guarantee: GarantiTeknosor
Garanti’den KOBİ’lere teknolojik danışmanlık hizmeti: GarantiTeknosor
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Garanti Bank, In addition to the financial solution, added a new one to the mediated products and services for SMEs. garantiteknos is called the technological consultancy services, Support is given in the technical and technological issues for SMEs. Bank customer or not all SMEs, GarantiTeknosor'dan, they often use computer, printer, mobile phone, It can receive technical support related to electronic devices such as tablets. SMEs wishing to benefit from the services garantiteknos, You can apply by filling out the form located at the The.

SMEs, fill out the form, Searching by themselves specify the day and hour expert technical team. technological problems which they live, Solutions are offered through remote access or verbal expression. and problem resolution services under the fee for the first call elicited, In subsequent searches, Is charged provided that prior notice. Garanti customers, Teknos can benefit from discounted services.

providing information on the garantiteknos services Garanti Bank Deputy General Manager Nafiz Karadere, "SMEs in Garanti Bank not only meet the financing needs, In many fields we develop products and services to the needs of listening to them. Today, technology, business and has become an indispensable part of our private lives. The key to productivity, especially in business life, Going through the correct use of technology. But most of the time, computer, printer, mobile phone, We often use in everyday life, such as tablets, we can not literally dominate the properties of electronic devices. small problem with the device, We are struggling to find solutions to our own efforts. Based on this idea, technological problems faced by SMEs instant fix, In order to add value to their business this way of life, We mediate the initiation of garantiteknos services. Technology as banks using the most intensive and productive in Turkey, our competence in this field, We will continue to offer our services to our customers in the coming period. ".