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Business Channel TV published in Semana Baysal iSkoot program TeknoSOR General Manager Fatih Boran was a guest BARBER.


Sema Workaholic Baysal | Teknos Technology Gn. Interview with Director Fatih Boran Berber


Sema Baysal : Hello dear viewers Turkey Business Channel. We seslenmekt than a workaholic program for you. As always, we invite everyone to per screen. It coincides with today's technology era. That is why this day is a different matter with you, It will catch your attention with a system and one of the founders of the system. We have a wonderful record. The General Director of Teknos Technology Services Mr. Fatih Boran Berber will be with us. Welcome.


Fatih Boran Berber : Sema lady Hoşbulduk.


Sema Baysal : Yeah. We are and who our audience is primarily Mr. Fatih Boran Berber We want to know their own language. Please.


Fatih Boran Berber : Of course. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Who is Fatih Boran Berber? Fatih Boran Berber 1992 In is a graduate of Computer Engineering after twenty years as a technology professional who has worked in all areas of the world. 2010 As of year is also an entrepreneur who decided to start their own business. It is also a technology fan. I have decided how to do here and I want to briefly share with you what yapıyoruz.


Sema Baysal : Yeah. We also wonder if it. Because our viewers approached the beginning of a little more screen sound they opened a little more and talking to Mr. Fatih Boran Berber? This new system is the new generation? What is awaiting us Technology? Turkey is a very good point, and they say the technology.


Fatih Boran Berber : get in better position to come to a better point in Turkey technology. We're now watching closely as technology users in Turkey. Our focus on issues we can use this technology are good enough? focus particularly individuals and SMEs conventional. Large corporations and state can get the necessary support in using technology in a way good. But do you get all the latest smart home technology innovations that technology constantly new phones, tablets and smart TVs of different technologies were all wisdom. Can we use them well enough? we can get a good enough yield? And do our SMEs can benefit from such technology accurate enough? Ya da ürettikleri ürünleri bu teknolojiyi kullanarak Dünya’ya pazarlayabiliyorlar mı? By sensed in this matter is clear 20 yıllık profesyonel iş hayatının üzerine dedik bi biz artık kendimiz bir şeyler, bu konuda hareketler yapmamız lazım. We have said that the best way to reach people quickly to be able to support these technologies provide a high quality and low cost services. The path to a call center system. So with the person by phone or remote connection technology, we decided it was in their accessing the device they have questions as well as provide this service through the call center system is the correct way to solve problems. Because so it falls the cost and the customer, Exactly you can be in close contact with someone who will consult. as you can actually side by side. We have developed such a model, and this model also 500 We've given support to over a thousand people 5 years. A very serious figure. In one of the models we create 11820 Technology Hotline We established a line of 118l. Anyone can call this line 7/24. My computer crashed in the middle of the night blue screen, What can I do, my phone does not work he can ask to call day and night, Saturday and Sunday feast seyran. I also want to advertise even says We can even help to Advertise. connect with a remote connection to a mobile phone, I could not connect to the Internet cable modem Am I doing it right, I wonder? Cable TV or eating right can connect Am I? No one else in the house so you can not understand me and I said to the person on the phone to the phone right amount, please open the camera cable to connect the remote connection on the need to do what we can direct in saying there is cable clutter. As in the example I gave; We try to give a useful service to people taking advantage of the latest technology. Thank goodness we are taking rapid steps in this direction as well.


Sema Baysal : Indeed, this is a very serious service! I'm following a little behind technology. As you know well, and I followed behind decoder or a television with our team we're stuck with the system running receiver. 5 I can not watch TV during the month was. I could not set my receiver and a stubbornness that did not bring the receiver to be adjusted. to allow the formation of such a sector.


Fatih Boran Berber : After everything we'd like to help.


Sema Baysal : That means people like me in everything you can get support.


Fatih Boran Berber : Absolutely.


Sema Baysal : Is it true that you need a very serious infrastructure? How did you build it?


Fatih Boran Berber : Right. Actually, I consulted our great when setting up the job. I talked with our veteran brother in the sector. Weight "Surely not.", "Very difficult." They made such approaches. And of course this has further stimulated us give Avoid. Why is that if you approach IT and telecommunications sector under the institutionalization of all service level agreements in contracts (SLA) has. 2 hours you will solve the problem. What you do as you do that there are commitments. To think about such individuals or SMEs 2 No business will be resolved in time. Abu did you do in my job, but when you do. be in until tomorrow until the evening, but you make it a. approaches such. Therefore, we issue a 24 h, çözemesek at the moment we're investigating are investigating to find a solution regarding where we're looking at are looking for at the moment we do not offer solutions to solve our customers call back later. Therefore, a different way from the corporate world have solved my job you approach. We are developing obviously are investigating, We constantly create documentations. We publish Technology blogs. We benefit both ourselves when we turn to the internet and googled everyone, We have a blog at the address, There are many benefits from this blog persons. Daily 7 bin ila 10 thousand visitors benefit from our technical knowledge there. Problem solving we also benefit. In this way we open to everyone. And as we enter an approach to this issue from the outset. Orta kademe çalışan profesyoneller dediğimiz Türkiye’de çok sayıda Meslek Lisesi ve Meslek Yüksek Okulu mezunumuz var. Hemen hemen her ilçede meslek yüksek okulu ve meslek lisesi var bu güzel bir atılım. Students who graduated young people need open lines of business. We also think we are a little bit of help here. Because our employees around the weight Turkey. Our employees are our house assistant.


Sema Baysal : very good. Could you explain this a little detail? We think about it because you will want to reach.


Fatih Boran Berber : may be subject. Böyle bir müracaatı karşılayabilmek için öncelikle bizim işlerimizi büyütmemiz lazım. Hedefimiz bu yönde tabii. technology to do the job that it was coming, Do an internet that works well in your home, Have a good computer, good enough to have a microphone headset. Because call center systems are now working on the internet on a fully cloud technologies. Therefore, in the environment you are in your home, then call, calls about you on the center of the cloud are able to direct you. Call then questions, problems and requests from customers. also does not matter that you are in Turkey, where. We are currently in Ankara, İzmir, İstanbul, Erzincan, Erzurum, We illerd as Mardin. 30 employees they are spread across the province. When a call comes in, we do not know even where it went. Wandering all over Turkey.


Sema Baysal : A magnificent system!


Fatih Boran Berber : Housewife trying. While looking at the mother of the children while they receive a call, provided they shut the room. Because of the emergence children's voices are not very professional. But we are really happy that we. Because most people prefer a job rather than go out to work in a job like this. C why they started hugging. And we do not have conversion. do not leave us one. 5 We have years, The average operating time employees 3,5-4 year around.


Sema Baysal : This is very important! Quite a large family and you are creating a robust system of installing,.


Fatih Boran Berber : very true. All the families in Turkey. At the same time in the sun in Izmir, We can see his wife in Erzurum.


Sema Baysal : How beautiful. Well, you said all of Turkey. But we have a lot of Turkish citizens abroad. I know this for a while, I lived abroad shortage of very good. foreign language özürlüyüm like it was handicapped Technology. I want to make all of our young people is a serious suggestion. Go on a foreign language in all I would say they absolutely. There are many Turkish citizens abroad. So as a result of this service it has provided many very serious trouble, and they do not know foreign languages. You can expand this service abroad?


Fatih Boran Berber : In fact, we can expand. We also started to work in this direction. For example, we recently began negotiations in Azerbaijan. We are a new company. 5 It was years. First, we want to prove ourselves in Turkey. Thank goodness we came to a certain point. We want to advance further. no reason for the lack of international. Because the model is a universal model that we have established. Our technology also universal. We have no direction missing anywhere in the world. And even in such a model – We provide support in all areas of technology – people can ask us anything about the hair removal device on the washing machine. As you said, do not hesitate to ask the ladies. Men are a little more timid. Says Ladies, let me ask if you can speak instead of investigating. This is the right approach, work immediately seen. Now because this is a universal abroad, our brothers of Turkish origin can receive calls from there on our behalf. Such a model could. Even if they master the language of the country they are from countries that we can take from their country inflicted services of a call center job.


Sema Baysal : Or, if there is such a unit in Turkey as of now Is that you can access immediately? For example, a Turkish citizen in Canada does not know how to run the washing machine. Contact mir you?


Fatih Boran Berber : about the phone system Skype, etc.. den de çağrı almaya başlayacağız. O sistem açıldığı zaman tabii ki olabilir. But at the moment the message Teknosor way we provide information to everyone by reaching necessarily.


Sema Baysal : Spectacular. Already 7-8 thousand people reached're here in your blog. You will get the absolute. So when setting up the job – Every business when installing a new system and a new model in the middle of a very complete system in the difficult technology – Have you had difficulty? Or what kind of difficulties have you experienced.


Fatih Boran Berber : Like you said, established a new housing in particular is experiencing many difficulties in Turkey. Because our culture – You know very well – There is an error that the punishment. Amerikan kültüründe olduğu gibi hata yapa yapa öğreneceksin yaklaşımı yok. Bir kere bir kafe açıp onu batırdıysa ailenin her ferdi tarafından kişi bir daha iş yapmamak üzere cezalandırılır. Now a certain age come from what could have attempted such a thing of my few suggestions. Do you really need to have a job like you wake up to establish a new business? A different thing, something that is not, idea, Is a non-issue, Have you become salve wounds? Are you an expert's job to make two? Many have been accepted by experts 10.000 There are hours of criteria. relevant to what you want to do business 10.000 Do you know the verb experience hours? Do you have that job yapmışlıg? Even the Beatles all examples given. In an exhibition in Germany 10.000 hours have become a group with each other in that way with stealing. We also support the technology of our own business. We know this issue very well. We investigated there deficits. We tried to find models. finding a working model of the house a little while ago we said we reduce costs at the same time. We found a way to get into this business without the power plant using cloud technologies. Too big and did not have a central office must. We were able to stand up with smart and innovative action. Or without any support. our mother, our father, Order our brother DUğUmUzlA, really hard to loans given by banks. So the job done if you know my suggestion started a job, the good work, Do you really doing the right job? We do not throw the ball too much. Adventure where everyone does everything I do I do not, It is likely to get a really good and it can make a difference to housing issues. He choose topics. After that, give up. So you need to burn some ships. I wonder if you think again, because she did your professional life to turn around falling energy illaki. You must strive to focus energy without giving up a single point as the woodpecker beak hit the right in the same spot. Many guests have said similar things to you. 3 many years ago it is not possible to stand up a business. 3 he leaned subject wearing blinkers year, by giving up, You have to see by fearlessly. Each year an it may not be a lot to try it. This may be my humble advice.


Sema Baysal : Well. You wonder how you managed to target? Because you have locked in that goal, perhaps these challenges "There was okay so far." He could. But you managed. How this was achieved?


Fatih Boran Berber : Our partners on this subject as you can. A little social responsibility approach. We will do this work with children around the imaginary Turkey. Just me 30-40 personelimi, people who know the technology anywhere in Turkey hire and nurture my dream to do something with them it can be said keep alive. It was also mercifully.


Sema Baysal : Indeed, You have made it. As far as we know there are companies that want to partner with you. Your idea of ​​partnership, What is your approach? How did you determine your condition your rules in this regard?


Fatih Boran Berber : Zaman zaman ortaklık talebi oluyor. Every company in a real life, grow up to be more of a partnership. As I think about it; If you have a goal that is very serious if you have a serious business plan as we need to do a certain amount of spending to bring the company to a certain point, desteksel source of that material or operational one, or coming from the partnership in accordance with your business plan by planning where you need to go into such a road. We could not agree at that point our that our discussions so far. So we chose not to take partnership, so we have also maintained our flexibility and our independence. Because on the one hand it says about you controlling your partner's happening in every activity you do and then break into your house when you are a medium to give an account about what you all do. At that point, we think it should also be very careful. We also have to make a decision yet, but careful and we're going now independent.


Sema Baysal : But why do not we call the future. Thank you very much for your participation. Yes, dear viewers Workaholic Teknosor Technology Services, we hosted the General Manager Mr. Fatih Boran Berber. Goodbye.