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Up-technology contract


The contract-TeknoSOR


Work on this contract, part of the parties at the addresses stated in the contract signing Coaches; serving TEKNOSOR TECHNOLOGY LTD., TEKNOSOR as, ABC LTD service areas., Referred to as COMPANY.


These contracts, Companies operating in the sector for customer XYZ; on the internet, By TEKNOSA to promote business activities in the workplace and within the scope of this contract specified corporate website design and implementation, content management system, is designed to determine the basis for the award of technology support and maintenance services.

Those services and the scope of the provisions contained just below area to which the name applies to the web site.


TEKNOSOR, will serve the company in the following subjects:

New Generation Technology Support Services

TEKNOSOR, company will provide the following coverage in the office technology user support.

TEKNOSOR, technology and software manufacturer brands and service providers 3. officially inform the parties that the company provides support, maintenance and technical support information in the light.

FİRMA, TEKNOSOR supporting member 0850 532 2 333 No. You can reach the Teknoser Technology Support Line. (Hereinafter referred to as TTDH)

TEKNOSOR, firm a month 10 Once the phone with technical support and remote access and 1 once in place will provide support services.

Problem analysis process is the determination of device failure and if this can not be deducted on monthly searches because of problems solved.

There is no limit on the number of monthly calls and interviews Posts. Search for information in the call for questions right to be deducted.

The necessary research on the issue of lack of information and documents from the company during a call to the callback is made teknosor. Maximum turnaround time 24 hours.

Call back call is made to conduct research in unsolved. If it's less about search Callback solutions produced.

1 the same device in my time and can not be deducted from annual contracts on monthly search requests support for the same problem.

PCs and mobile operating systems commonly used, office software and user training is considered a claim about mobile applications and reduce the amount of monthly searches on.

Service coverage are as follows:;

Computer and Office Technology
PC , Notebook , Ultrabook
Modem , Router , WiFi
Printer , Scanner , Fax
Office Software , Applications
PC Optimization , Backup
Virus Removal
Mobile Technologies
Tablets, Navigation Devices
Cellular phone, Smart Phones and Accessories
MP3 Player, Mobile Game Console
Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Win8, BBerry)
Application Installation, Lift, Version Upgrade
Initial Setup, Use and Hard Reset
Internet and Social Media teknolojileriweb Site, Blog, Social media
Instant Messaging and Office Software
E-mail Setup and Troubleshooting
Selection of Anti-Virus and Security Settings
Internet Browser and Connectivity Secure Shopping sorunlarıinternet Banking and Multimedia teknolojileritv, Smart TV, 3D tvev Cinema & Hi-Fi Audio Satellite System, Cable, ıptvfotoğraf Machine, Video kamerao of Consoles, Online oyunlarprojeksiyo and Display Systems

Website Design and Implementation

Website visual design adaptation; and infrastructure development of the draft.

Most 10 You website will consist of the main part of the preparation for publication in Turkish and English.

Making visual and textual content input.

Content Management system installation and programming (WordPress)

Contact forms preparation.

Turning to the publication of the website.

Website Maintenance and Update Services

Covers the period of contract is remedied by any kind of technical problems TEKNOSA and content changes may occur after you start running site;

øgörüntülen correction of errors and broken links in the resulting page.

øgörsel and text content download, update and change processes. Copyright and use of content requires the right is the responsibility of the company.
OAL name registration process for guiding and monitoring process.
øweb and guiding services and follow-up e-mail server operations.

Oh, if it's about monthly search support request is resolved deducted. In calls for information or an opinion about not deducted monthly search.

I change OTAs, programming, phone service will not be presented with special requests such as database applications are beyond the scope of this contract. Such work demands TEKNOSOR also presented ücretlendirilerek COMPANY or under a special assessment of additional services offered by professionals.

Search Engine Optimization (THIS) Services

Scope of services called SEO; the emergence of the website rank high in the search engines and search engines indexing needed for easy and accurate intra-site content and code editing will be done by.

Under this agreement 1. Level and standard SEO work is to be done, In the Google search engine 1. There is no guarantee on the page out.

Site Statistics Reporting

Measurements are related to visits to the site statistics website. This measurement serves negotiated 3rd party company. Guest Posts Upon request of the company, Visiting hours are, Measurements, including the geographic distribution and search words are reported periodically by the TEKNOSA.

Animation design and implementation of prestige

Attract the attention of site visitors on the site and to increase the duration of the visit includes moving image studies and applications.

Photo, Video Capture and Post Production Services

Company headquarters and exterior applications reference works of visual and artistic work of high quality photos and videos withdrawal. This service is priced based day.


By signing this agreement COMPANY Business , 0850 532 2 333 The TTDH remote link service will be deemed to have accepted the conditions specified below.

"Teknoser Technology Support Line in accordance with information provided by the assistant, workplace and computers we use in my office / We gave approval to support the process of establishing a remote connection to mobile devices. With this method, We want to make it possible to solve problems faster.

TTDH, the device does not record any information contained in the customer, gives utmost importance to the confidentiality of customer information. Secure remote support for as long as the connection is established and given that, even staying, Our Computer / Mobile Device we follow all procedures to be done in our, update or change personally give you all the approvals process requires that we LIGHT, we give the responsibility for the entire process of approval or that are completely COMPANY, support may occur at any time against data loss or data update, Our computers / Mobile we have received updated data backup before the support services of our devices and the possible loss of data and the problem of teknosor is definitively responsible for keeping going and / or going to sue and we agree to receive the Remote Access service with this requirement. "



ØFİRMA , time to benefit from the technical support services, You need to pay at the start date of the contract.

ØFİRMA, The scope of work specified in this contract for technical support requests 0850 532 2 333 by calling the call center will transmit teknosor No..

ØFİRMA , not request more technology support about monthly search.

ØFİRMA, device obtained illegally, software, programs and music / film / broadcast seems to accept he will not get support from teknosor to content.

ØFİRMA , during the contract, only be done by the website administration officials including TEKNOSA and COMPANY, 3. In case of interference with the parties' websites which will occur in, agrees to take responsibility teknosor.

ØFİRMA , to prepare and deliver all content to be uploaded to the site in digital format teknosor.

ØFİRMA , notify the web update request to the call center and / or e-mail message to teknosor way.

ØFİRMA , for additional services, You can pay in advance the cost benefit provided.

ØFİRMA , address, phone, email vb. is obliged to notify changes in their contact details teknosor.


ØTEKNOSOR, Prestige techno business support services under this contract 0850 532 2 333 TTDH over No. 365 day 08:00 – 24:00 will provide hours between.

ØTEKNOSOR, calls for all calls made to the quality of service required TTDH, remote computer access video footage and keep a record of the notification of problems.

ØTEKNOSOR, right granted under this Agreement, responsibility, authorization and passwords in no way another person and / or institution may not transfer.
ØTEKNOSOR, website is committed to fully complete the construction work within the scope. fulfills the demands of the company changes. Visual, auditory, communication and interaction design issues found in creative solutions.

ØTEKNOSOR, standard update services, the latest from the date of the request 2 (up to) will perform during the week.

ØTEKNOSOR, update will be made only at the request of the company. 3. parties and / or transmitted without the consent of the institution will certainly COMPANY content placement site.

ØTEKNOSOR, process will be made in accordance with the request or consent only company on the internet service.

ØTEKNOSOR, address, phone, email vb. the company is obliged to notify changes in their contact details.

ØTEKNOSOR, website will be done using open source code. TEKNOSOR code will charge for property.

Work for this contract, starting from the date of service 12 (on iki) months shall enter into force. The end of this period, 14 COMPANY day before if they pay the annual renewal fee services, provided that this agreement remains the same conditions 12 (on iki) automatically extended by month follow-up.

Parties, A copy of the contract signed after wet, will deliver mutual.


Ø "Prestige Techno Support Package" KDV total cost excluding service campaign ..... TL is, COMPANY shall pay in advance at the start of contract.

The total cost of øprofesyonel Services ... except KDV.. TL is, COMPANY shall pay in advance at the start of contract.

Øye new contract period, If he continues the same monthly service ..... Cost per service pack will be increased annually at the rate of PPI described months of the termination of the contract by TSI.


øweb site image, legal rights of the audio and text content is completely COMPANY or, TEKNOSOR, COMPANY permission can not use for other purposes other than this or in any other media.

ØTEKNOSOR, copyright 3. Party theme and code of the website belonging to the company on behalf of the right to receive a one-time use, including COMPANY.

ØSitede, Responsibility for use outside the design requires other content copyright, liaison and payment of royalties to the copyright holder belongs to the company.

ØTEKNOSOR, Required user name and password for the Web site access information, COMPANY can not declare to third parties without permission.

ØTEKNOSOR, information obtained during site management about COMPANY 3. can not share with individuals, can not provide commercial benefits.


Parties conclude that the provisions of this contract if there is a violation, The company, In case of transfer of commercial enterprises and companies, In the event of termination of commercial activities, the parties hereby agree to the contract termination.

Upon termination;

Osadia by prepaid "Prestige Techno Support Package" service fee, services remaining after deducting the cost of the month until the end of the remaining balance of the contract, Provision return invoice is paid back.

øtamaml were followed and is non refundable payment of professional services have been delivered.

øsözkonu website publication does not end.

ØTEKNOSOR, puts an end to all activities related to the site. Replacement of the website launch to be transferred to the new web space and archive files COMPANY 'or delivers digital environment.


In disputes that may arise between the provisions of this Convention shall be considered primarily øtaraf. Both parties agreement will also provide for unforeseen circumstances in a way that will not harm the law provided it is not contrary to the main logic of the contract and the parties hereby provisions / solutions may determine.

Istanbul in the settlement of any disputes that may arise from the implementation of the Convention and the Executive Director is authorized øişb Court.


TEKNOSOR, Terms of services in accordance with fair use of a top firm Techno Support Services Package reserve the routing and pricing initiatives.

Osita construction of unpaid service charges paid in the case that he or missing, TEKNOSOR has the right to suspend the publication of the website.

These contracts, these do not include the domain name registration services website.

Work with this contract, made use rights registration of the domain name can not be transferred teknosor. Make changes in these services, is saving the company pay the price.

TEKNOSOR, initiative, the company reserves the guidance on these issues.

You may need a different hosting service for services requested by the øfirma. In these cases TEKNOSOR the company is obliged to submit a new plan approval. COMPANY agrees to pay the additional costs that may arise.

OIS this contract, 7 is comprised of page, total with sub-items 11 (eleven) contains substances.

- The text of the end of the contract -