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Cryptolocker Virüsü Temizleme Servisimiz Hizmetinizde


cryptolocker virus is usually transmitted after clicking on attachments from e-mail, Know greeted by sending a similar email using social engineering to infect your computer firm copies of invoices. namely the bills of the companies known in Turkey; Turkish telecom, TTNET, Turkcell If you receive the e-mail, you must be very careful.


If you are a home or business and a dialog box is encrypted leftover files of your computer and want you to pay the money within a certain period of time to get them back and is increasing fees if you exceed this time, you can contact us without giving rise to concern in this case.


Uzantıları .encrypted, .ccc, .etc., .xxx, .ttt, .micro , .mp3, .magic, .lol, .locky olan CryptoLocker virüsü, bilgisayar laboratuvarlarımızda alanında uzman olan ekibimiz ile geliştirilmiş şifre çözücüler ile şifreli dosyalarınız kısa bir süre içerisinde eski haliyle herhangi bir dosya kaybı yaşamadan kullanabilme imkanı sağlıyor.

Even if you delete the virus from the computer you will not be able to use your encrypted files. Affected us 3 piececryptic” your file (doc, xls, pdf vb. extension) After sending in addition to the following e-mail address we will provide you with return back.


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