Service Packs

IT Help Desk Service



ICT technical support services for corporations, the outsourcing model;
IT standards, is to provide a scalable and affordable cost.


  • Phones with Support and Remote Access Service
  • Onsite Support & Visit
    (Problem identification and solution services in place for the remote unsolvable problems)
  • Solution Analysis Consulting
    (operator - infrastructure - software - hardware)
  • Web Admin Update and Social Media Management (Defined business processes within the organization picks up covers)
  • Service / Service Reporting
  • Enterprise Application System Admin
    (System admin of outsourcing services and application software used within the company)
  • SLA Scope of Services Provided (Optional)
  • Onsite Technical Support Specialist (Optional)
    (Possession of full time technical support staff services for customer locations)


Paket Notları

  • Package fees are determined based on the quantity stated in the above table calls. Total number of calls 2 months, a top package will be offered on top of the package exceeds the limits.
  • Separate bid will be for custom web design and implementation services.
  • Optional Services offered are based on at least 1 requires an annual service agreement.