In technology in all fields İlkiz Service

In technology in all fields İlkiz Service
Technology In all fields in İlkiz Service
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20 Information on the year and iletişimteknoloji tecrübesiol professional management ekibiyleteknos Technology Consultancy Services Trading. Ltd.Şti’ni; 2011 In the SME and Bireyselsegment 'e quality and reasonable cost

We have established Technology Support and Consultancy services to give. Telephones and remote connectivity using technologies; and consulting in all areas of technology, We provide support services as well as. 3 We have received over 500,000 calls for technical support and advice during the year. About % 40 We made a remote connection rate (computer and mobile). Call our % 75"We provide solutions in the, surviving % 25'S in our analysis, we also directs customers with the right solution. Application of the model and outsource / business partnership model, We use our own resources as well as by insour. 11820 Technology Support Line in our project, By partnering with AssisTT, AssisTT 'did take place in the form of technical personnel selection and training of the staff we.

Projenin CRM, True Portal, Web Sitesi, Social Media sites management and second level support services we offer as Teknoser. Revenue sharing service yapıyoruz.11820 Us, pay as you go model, SME and individual customers through phone and remote connection method we provide Technical Support. Our project is TEKNOSA Technology Support Package, fully serving our Technology Center in Istanbul Kozyatağı using our own resources, Technology Support and Consulting services to customers TEKNOSA We give. ZTE and HUAWEI Modem Support Hotline still we manage our projects with our own resources in our Technology Center Kozyatağı insour by model. Yet that individual segments of our service model with internal resources, If the CALLFIX Technology Support Services to offer our various partner channel sales in March.

Customer profile including AssisTT, TEKNOSA, More, contracted services in accordance with our corporate customers we will find that we provide technical support to end users AnelTech. November 2013 tarihinde lanse ettiğimiz Tekno Destek çağrı hattımıza ise ağırlıklı KOBİ segmenti çok çeşitli konularda teknik destek talep ediyor.

Teknik destek talebi konularıTeknolojinin her alanında KOBİ ve Bireysel segment’ e, sabah 08:00 gece 02:00 arasında teknoloji destek hizmeti veriyoruz. Computer, İnternet, Mobil cihazlar, Social Media, Multi-Medya, KOBİ uygulamaları, Web Sitesi hizmetleri ve Teknolojiye dair tüm alanlarda teknik destek talebi alıyoruz. Örneğin; virüs nedeniyle bilgisayarı kitlenen, Güvenlik kameralarını cep telefonundan izlemek isteyen, who want to build houses on the access point, The ringing of the facebook account, The smartphone is locked, smart TV 'can not watch videos from sin,'m also wanting to advertise, who want to refresh the website, Customers who want to change the telephone and internet tariffs are looking for us, We provide solutions.

Remote technical support services for the first time in Turkey difference; subject, independent producers and service providers, phones in all areas of technology and we are the first company serving remote connection. Geek Squad in the world only to support computer technology company we were when we started service, began to give support to all the technology in recent times as far as we follow,. AT&T company gives a similar level of service operators. We prefer as a service model, pay as you go (11820 Technology Support Line) and prepaid package (TEKNOSA Technology Support Package) Our model is also a first in the industry. Our most important features dozens of locations without the need to resort to the Technology Support and Consulting needs of our SME and individual customers, We can solve the single point. Cases which required manufacturers, authorized dealer or service suppliers of support centers by calling on behalf of clients, we deliver solutions to complete our analysis. We continually improve and update our bank details (Knowledge-Base) using standard and provide quality service. Customer notification and we keep our records in detail. IVR, CRM ve Knowledge- Base for our systems industry leading companies are using the cloud-based solutions.

Technical Assistant recruitment and training processes to work through our intake process portal 50 We begin with a survey item, with the candidates we have identified based on the responses to the survey 3 performing stage interview, 2 We complete our recruitment process in a short period of week. Positive and negative information to all the candidates are doing our interviews. In interview techniques we apply the collective bargaining, both technical compliance tests and doing character reference we attach great importance. Technical assistant to be hired 2 month long training class, We apply on online education and job training program. We do our assignment on executive and director positions from within the company. Turn over here, if our % 25 level


2012 in, Europe held in London, Covering the Middle East and Africa, which rewarded the best call centers Contact Center World In competition, En İyi Çağrı Merkezi Tasarımı’ kategorisinde TeknoSOR And Technology Support Services ASSİSTT Guidance and Customer Services, Inc. which is co-founded 11820 He served in the Technology Support Hattı'n , Second place went to get Assistt Erzincan locations.

TeknoSOR Technology Support Services, which was established by the "11820 Technology Support Line" with application ' Best Support Service 'Category bronze was awarded with medals.

Teknoser Technology Services, general manager Fatih Boran his assessments about the Berber issue ; "In technology and support services, services in the sector seeing the open, technical support personnel training and investment we made our call center. Turkey had opened its first technology we support line. This award shows that we are on the right track. Continuous technological development in our country and especially the ever-increasing number of mobile device users, especially that technology literacy is low and we are working on service packs for customers who need ongoing support. Also soon we will offer our services technology support package for SMEs, "he said.

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