Turksat 4A Satellite System No Signal Problem Solution

Türksat 4A Uydu Sistemi Sinyal Yok Sorunu Çözümü
Türksat 4Satellite System No Signal Problem Solution
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  • 3 Comments,,en,but Öngör,,hr,September,,en,Turksat I select 4 local channels but no signal for writing off,,tr,Can you help me,,tr,The name of the receiver Hometech HT,,tr,Life,,tr,I'm going to call TeleDünya pozitek dhc channel satellite receiver 1600c has automatic setup but I can not because I'm supposed to do,,tr,There are 4 households but also new türksat,,tr,I can handle it expects households have nasi please answer,,tr,Kutay,,tr
  • türksat 4 settings . No error signal türksat . satellite settings . satellite settings türksat 4 . No satellite signal .

In this process, you can call for help and support teknodestek line.


turksat A4 Satellite Setup can perform the following operations on Call.

Türksat Promotion Auto Scan in Digital Devices
frequency: 11844mhz
polarity: (in) vertical (vercital)
Symbol Rate: 2222 (data rate)
feç: 3/4 (If)
frequency information must be manually entered and the search network must be selected. NIT search or search by satellite link station must be selected. unchanged menu of the receiver input password 0000 or 8503 would.
türksat promotion automatic scanning and digital teletext service 14 September 2010 Date new frequency and tuning techniques work with a nominal frequency has changed for you

Enter and the STB Swath Enter the following values.
Frequency: 11.844Mhz
Symbol Rate: 2222
FEC Value: 3/4
Polarization : Vertical ( Vertical )
ON that is open to building the Network Scan Area.
Satellite Receiver with all the blood and those new frequency will be scanned by the scanning başlatınız.türksat satellite and you only need to save the new Single Single Frequency Control kalacak.y No Entry.

Dish does not have to play with your settings for frequency change process setting position your antenna.
Automatic scanning of the viewers to watch television through TÜRKSAT be done from TÜRKSAT prom channel.
1- To enter the main menu; your remote control 'Menu' or 'setup' button press by .
2- According to the satellite receiver brand models; 'Channel Search', "Adding Channel" from the menu which appears like the up and down keys "OK", then press.
3- Pop-up window again, depending on the brand model of the satellite receiver; 'Buying Frequency' Satellite Frequency 'one of the options will appear. Up and down keys on the remote control using the numerical keys come with that option on the new frequency of the TÜRKSAT Advertisement Channel '11844', enter the value.
4- In the same window 'Symbol Rate' shall be. Up-down buttons and press it on the option '2222' Enter the numbers.
5- Also in the same window 'POL' come in the form of text on a left-right arrow keys then the 'V' or 'Change the Vertical' will be.
6- Located in the same place 'FEC' value using the up and down keys to change the option after it came on the right and left arrow keys' 3 / 4'Must be selected. There is no space to enter this value in some satellite receiver.
7- Finally, the 'OK' button you will save the new satellite channel parameters TÜRKSAT Promotion.
8- You can get help from a professional If you can not be successful in this way,. About for satellite installation 10-30 With the help of an expert you have them set a fee of between YTL receiver.

1. To enter the main menu ; your remote control 'MENU' or 'SETUP' by press button .
2. According to the satellite receiver brand models ; 'CHANNEL SEARCH' , 'MANUAL SEARCH' , 'ADD CHANNELS' , 'MANUAL SEARCH' appears on the menu as whichever UP - DOWN keys to come to him 'OK Press.
3. Pop-up window again, depending on the brand model of the satellite receiver ; 'City FREKANSI' , 'BUY frequency' , 'Frequency' , 'Satellite Frequency' one of the options will appear , UP - DOWN keys using the number keys on the remote control come on top of that option Türksat Introducing the new frequency of the Channel ' 11844 'Enter the value.
4. In the same window 'SYMBOL RATE "or" SYMBOL RATE "will be the value. UP - DOWN keys using the number keys on the remote control by pointing it on the option ' 2222 'Enter..
5. Also in the same window, and 'polarization' or 'POL' will be an article. UP - DOWN buttons, then come on top of that option RIGHT - LEFT arrow keys 'V' , 'VERTICAL' or 'VERTICAL' change to be.
6. Located in the same place 'FEC' UP to change the value - then come on that option RIGHT DOWN keys - with the LEFT arrow key ' 3 / 4 'Must be selected. There is no space to enter this value in some satellite receiver. In this case there is no need to enter this value.
7. Finally, the 'OK' button you will save the new satellite channel parameters Türksat Promotion. To complete the installation, ; before the same area with 'Network Search' or 'network search' option to 'ON' or 'ON' after changing by the Receiver brand models 'Start Search' or 'TP SEARCH' option you will need to start over coming search of.
8. Once the search is complete Receiver will record the channel in the channel list at the end of the new sought.

Satellite Receiver Brand Next YE-2000X Series olsun. that almost all of the Next Sort is the same.
Let respectively, the following transactions.
Control the menu / Auto Scan / If you want Password ( 8503 ) Satellite : turksat1c We Choose.
Transponder : 11844/2222/If We Choose.
Skew : 0
Motor Tuning : No
Search Type : All we choose.
Network Scanning : ON yapıyoruz.b Most Important Part , If you can not find the new channels is selected OFF.
Link Scan : OFF
Next Super Plus The Series ( Next Super Plus CX ; Next Super Plus CIS ; Next 2000 HD TV vs..) Control the menu / We click Auto Scan.
Scanning Method : We choose only satellite.
Satellite : We choose to turksat1c2.
Transponder : 11844/2222/If We Choose.
NIT Scan : We do open.
Channel Scan Type : All we can choose.
and Start Scan, then press.
Let's say you Goldmaster Buy Satellite Al-Cu get the model 9400V.
Control the menu / Setup / Channels are entered in the search field.
Satellite Name : We choose Turksat 1C.
Search Mode : We Manuel Elects.
Frequency : 11844
Symbol Rate : 2222
Polarization : Vertical
Search Network : We open Elects.
Sufficient to say the Start Search. Also make sure you know as well your satellite. Otherwise, you can break all the satellite channels.

In this process, you can call for help and support teknodestek line.


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    Türksat 4a yı seçiyorum ama yerel kanallar için sinyal yok yazısı çıkıyor. Yardım eder misiniz? Uydu alıcısının adı hometech ht 1050

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    Ben kaydettim ama sinyal yok diyor birşey anlayamadım lütfen biri birşey yazsın !!

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    Bende teledünya pozitek dhc 1600c uydu alıcı var kanal aramaya giriyorum otomatik kurulum yapıcam ama yapamıyorum çünkü 4 hane var ama yeni türksat 4a da 5 hane var lütfen cevap bekliyorum nası halledebilirim